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I practice my art, as my life, from the location of woman -- Settler, almost middle-class, older with a disability.  I use the specific experiences of this location to inform, disrupt or challenge not only the accepted or “normalized” image of Western woman, but the traditional formal concerns of art.  In doing so, I hope to embrace a more inclusive process for living and art making.

My intention is to discuss how women have been/are being formed and to reveal our attempts to negotiate or resist this formation.  The tension in the work is between the personal/subjective and the formal/objective, which raises questions for me as the nature of feminist research practices, feminist art practices, and women’s evolving roles as workers, negotiators, and survivors in a Western technological society.

The works range from performances such as Body as Site ( Sight) which negotiates the deconstruction of a museum interpreter’s role, to A Cellu(H)er Resistance: A Body with/out Organs? which explores the challenges and rewards of negotiating other “worlds” and the body-as-terrain as a person with a disability and cancer.

Work on Pam Patterson/Visual and Performance Art website
Other sample images and links are below.

Solo Performances: 

2020: Fluting in Isolation: A COVID-19 Performance, Ontario Arts Council Deaf & Disabilities Grant & Canada Council Strategic Initiatives Digital Futures COVID-19 project.

2015: Emily Speaks, Art Gallery of Ontario.

2014: Brick, commissioned performance for Visualeyez, Latitude 53, Edmonton. 

Emigrante Desplazado… Independence DOM, Dominican Republic.

2013: “Walking” Home, Global Performance Art Walk. Curated by Ignacio Péréz, Venezuela.

Transitional Interfaces, for Canadian Society for Education through Art, Montreal.

RED Square, for Political Performance III, Serbia.

2012: Inter, Global Performance Art Walk. Curated by Ignacio Péréz, Venezuela. 

2010: Late, 24hr Butoh…this is not Butoh (choreography: Don Himes), Cinecycle, Toronto. 

Glenora Crossing, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto. 

Swallowtail Light, Regent Theatre, Prince Edward County.
2009: To the Lighthouse: A Momento Mori, DeLeon White Gallery, Toronto. 

Lighthousekeeping, Aceartinc, Winnipeg. 

2008: Canto 1, Fleishman Gallery, Toronto. 

Cellu(h)er Resistance: The Body with/out Organs ? FADO Idea Series , XPACE Cultural Centre, Toronto. 

Travelling Body Worlds, UK & Newfoundland.  

2007-8: Emily Speaks, York University, University of Waterloo & Centennial College. 

2006: Canc(H)er, in Pacing the Cage with ARTIFACTS for Collisions 2006, University of Victoria. 

Body as site/sight/cite, CASWE, Women and Health, York University. 

2005: Body: Reclaimed in Community, Being Uncomfortable, Brown University, Rhode Island. 

Body in Extremis, Towards Tomorrow, Centre for Performance Research, University of Wales, Aberystwyth. 

2004: Body as Sight/Site, 7A 11D International Performance Festival, A Space, Toronto. 

Bodysight: A Reclamation Project, Interdisciplinary Landscape, Goddard College, Vermont. 

Emily Speaks, Trent University. 

Demolishing da...... site, 4 Cardinals Project, Chile, Curator: Alexandre del Re. 

2003: Body as Sight (Site), Committing Voice, Goddard College, Vermont. 

2002: Hands On Environs, Breathworks, Waterfront Trail Artists, Toronto. 

1999: Conversations in Context, Union Gallery, Queen’s University.
 Emily Speaks, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. 

1998: Emily Speaks, Edward Day Gallery, Kingston, Ont., McMichael Canadian Art Collection. 

Tentanda Via, Hart House, University of Toronto. 

1997: Emily Speaks, the Ontario Women’s History Network, Toronto; The Waring House, Picton, Ont. 

1995:  Emily Speaks, Hart House Performance Series, University of Toronto. 

1992:  Emily Speaks OSEA conference, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto; Visual Arts Centre of Newcastle, Bowmanville. 

1991: Emily Speaks, SAFIRE, University of Western Ontario. 

This is my body, academia..., OISE, Toronto. 

 Here's Rue for You, Hamilton Artists' Inc., Toronto. 

1990: Rocking the Boat, Women's Common, Toronto; script published by Paperplates 1993. 

1989: Remaking, Glenhyrst Gallery of Brant, Brantford. 

1988: Remaking, Hamilton Artist's Inc., Hamilton.
 Emily Speaks, Niagara Artists' Centre, St. Catherines. 

1986: Emily Speaks, Gallery 101, Ottawa; Kingston Artists' Assoc. Inc.; Hamilton Artists' Inc., Hamilton; The Banff Centre, Alberta. 

1984: Emily Speaks, Women and Words Conference at A Space Gallery, Toronto.
1983: Emily Speaks, Women's Cultural Building, Toronto.
 Soundings of the Heart, Free Times Café, Toronto. 

Collaborative Performances (ARTIFACTS performances are with Leena Raudvee): 

2020: Walk softly on the Land…. with Christine Durant, Carbon Art & Design & Intersections

Terminalia: Walking Women in collaboration with Walking Women’s Network (ARTIFACTS & WIAprojects), Grange Park, Toronto for Terminalia, University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

2019: General(s) Labour, ARTIFACTS, Doors Open, 401 Richmond Street, Toronto.

2018: Dragging the Debate, ARTIFACTS, Maison Depoivre, PEC.

2017: Listening: On the Architecture of Aging, ARTIFACTS, Made of Walking, La Romieu, France.

2015: Precarity with Irene Loughlin and Adriana Disman, Margaret Dragu, Christine Brault, Link & Pin/RATS 9, Montreal July.

Feminist Architectures: A Performance, ARTIFACTS for PROCESS, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto, June.

2014: Stillness, ARTIFACTS, Toronto/Bloomfield, WIAprojects.

Discourse at Sea, New Dark Times Cabaret, ARTIFACTS with Sarah Sheard, Toronto Island.
Provoking Collaboration, ARTIFACTS, Hart House, University of Toronto.

2013: Entertaining without a Maid, ARTIFACTS, Hart House, University of Toronto.

A Time to Fall (WIAprojects performance event). In collaboration with Amy Sharrocks (Sculpture Shock resident at the Royal British Society of Sculptors, London UK), Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto.

Distended Topographies ARTIFACTS, EdgeZones, Miami International Performance Art Festival. Curator: Charo Oquette.

Headaches II, ARTIFACTS, Feminist Art Conference, Toronto, ON.

ROCK WALK, ARTIFACTS, Global Performance Walks 2013, curated by Ignacio Péréz.

2012: Pentimenti, ARTIFACTS, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

Storm day, night jazz, ARTIFACTS, DPNCHC, WIAprojects, Toronto.

Individual Points of Fiction, ARTIFACTS, A Space Gallery, Toronto. 
60-60-60: A Performance Action, ARTIFACTS, CWSE Gallery. 

2011: Palimpsest, ARTIFACTS, Toronto Free Gallery. 

2010:  Homage to Margaret: Cleaning and Loving It, ARTIFACTS, CWSE Gallery, OISE UT. International Women’s Day. 

2009: At the Lighthouse: Death I'm So Over That, Gibralter Point Centre for the Arts (with Leena Raudvee and John Oughton).

Headaches II, ARTIFACTS, CWSE Gallery, OISE/UT. 

2008: Neurotic Playground: Distress, Tension, Irritability, Red Head Gallery, Toronto (with Lo Bil). 

2005: In/Valid, ARTIFACTS, CWSE, OISE/UT, Toronto. 

2003: The Voyage Out... ARTIFACTS, Hysteria: A Festival of Women, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto. 

Remnants and Recoveries: The Performance, ARTIFACTS, A Space Gallery, Toronto. 

2001: Passing, ARTIFACTS, 7A 11D International Festival of Performance, Toronto. 

2000: Fragments, ARTIFACTS, V. MacDonnell Gallery, Toronto. 

1998: Dance with Chairs, with 9-year-old daughter, Erin Oughton, Yoko Ono Birthday, Toronto. 

1993: Invoking the Grove with BAAWA, Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton. 

1989: Crossing the Street, ARTIFACTS Hamilton Artists' Inc., Hamilton.
 A Story with Leena Raudvee, Euclid Theatre, Toronto. 
Detale (detail), ARTIFACTS, ROUNDUP, Toronto. 
Attending II, ARTIFACTS, A Space Gallery, Toronto. 

1987:  The 24-Karat Carrot with John Oughton, Robert Persichini, Tarragon Spring Arts Fair, Toronto. 

Attending the Interior, ARTIFACTS, The Banff Centre, Alberta. 

1984:  Suburban Mirage, ARTIFACTS, Winchester Street Theatre, Toronto. 

Headaches for the Unit, ARTIFACTS, Feminist Cabaret, Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto. 
Unwinding, ARTIFACTS, Alter Eros Festival, Toronto. 

1983: Ghost Trio, ARTIFACTS, Theatre Centre, Toronto. 

Female Laundry, ARTIFACTS, A Space Gallery, Toronto. 

Madame X from Planet X, ARTIFACTS, Artifacts, Toronto. 

Entrapment, ARTIFACTS, Partisan Gallery, Toronto. 

Collective Performances:

2023: Leggs 2023, Great Hall, OCAD University, Curated by Lo Bil.

2022: The Collective Scream Project, Connie Noyles, Chicago.

2021: Port to Port, with international artists & Alisa Oleva, Pier Projects, Felixstowe, UK.

Skyline Walking, with artists from London UK, Ukraine, Russia, and Canada supported by Black Tower Broadcasts in conjunction with Urban Night Project:  Midnight Sun, London, UK. 

City for Her joint IWD walk with women artists from London UK, Ukraine, Kiev Russia and Canada - supported by EU program House of Europe as a part of Femhouse Week: Women \ Cities \ Arts (Telegram)

2020: #WalkCollage with Alisa Oleva, Casson & Friends, London, UK (WhatsApp).

National Day of Remembrance and Action Dec 6 @ 6, 14 Reading 14. ARTIFACTS & WIAprojects & OCADU. (zoom) 

walking next to each other with Alisa Oleva, Atom Art Group, London/Russia. (WhatsApp)

safe/unsafe with Alisa Oleva - This project was part of "Woven Network / Women Network" - a 6-month virtual art-residence of 7 female artists from 5 European countries exploring the theme of invisible work and reinventing the hierarchic digital web into a horizontal network - supported by House of Europe and partnering with Платформа ТЮ (Ukraine), Intercult (Sweden) and Fablevision Studios (Scotland). I was invited to participate in this performance from Canada (WhatsApp)

Tracing the Inside: A Collective Action with Alisa Oleva, Performistanbul (zoom)

View from the Window: Collective Looking with Alisa Oleva, Artsvit gallery, Dnipro (zoom)

Unlocked Walks No 4: 'touching with your eyes' with Alisa Oleva, the Residents Association, Edinburgh (zoom)


2021: COVID Anxiety, Navigating and Creating, CSEA Juried Exhibition. 
Fluting, Fempocalypse 2021, Nightwood Theatre.

2020: Fluting in Isolation, Ontario Arts Council and Canada Arts Council Projects.
COVID-19 Anxiety: Location, Refuge & Loss, for a Canada Council Strategic Initiatives Digital Futures COVID-19 project with Joanna Black & Daniel Payne (online exhibit).

2019: Artists@Work with Hri Neil, Carbon Art & Design, Prince Edward County.

2018: Pam Patterson: Selected Retrospective, Carbon Art & Design, Prince Edward County.

2014: Loving in the War Years, County Contemporary II, Prince Edward County.

2013: RED Square, TorinoPERFORMANCEART International Festival 2013, Turin, Italy. 

2010: Cellu(h)er Resistance: A body with/out organs?  In/Tensions, on-line journal York University, Toronto. 

2007-9: Now we are dancing.... with Nancy Halifax. 

2006: Taking action: Right(s) in/to health and the body for panel with Charles Garoian and Faith Wilding for Performance Studies International #12, Queen Mary College, London, U.K.

2002:  ARTIFACTS performs,  as ARTIFACTS with Leena Raudvee, HIVE, Toronto.

1989:  A Story  as ARTIFACTS with Leena Raudvee. 


2021: County Sound Quilt Lockdown Project, ARTSCENE, County FM 99.3.

1991: Women and Words, CIUT Radio, Toronto. 

1987: Punningly she lunged... , CKLN Radio, Toronto. 


Cellu(h)er Resistance a residency for FADO, Toronto.

Travelling - stills from an online exhibition for the CCCA

Red Square - performance video for Political Performance III, Serbia

Glenora Crossing, Propeller Gallery , Toronto.

Swallowtail Light, Regent Theatre, Prince Edward County

Emigrante Desplazado Independence DOM, Dominican Republic.

To the Lighthouse: A Momento Mori, DeLeon White Gallery, Toronto. 

Death I am so over that... (as Virginia Woolf with Leena Raudvee as Vanessa Bell and John Oughton as Lytton Strachey), Gibraltar Point, Toronto.

ARTIFACTS (Pam Patterson & Leena Raudvee):

Performing as ARTIFACTS with Leena Raudvee at A Space  June 2012. (pic by Miklos Legrady)

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