Articles, books, monographs, chapters in books:

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  • P. Patterson, J. Black, D. Payne, A. Ma, et al, COVID Pedagogies: Tools, Content & Strategies, University of Manitoba library (Libguide - Open Access). Over 100 contributions by University of Manitoba and OCAD University students and faculty, community colleagues etc.  

  • Land liminality Loss, Canadian Art Teacher, 17, (2). (article)
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  • Score #2, Woven Scores, curated by Alisa Oleva, for Woven Network/Women Network, designed by Uliana Bychenkova supported by House of Europe partnering with Platform TU (Ukraine), Intercult (Sweden) and Fablevision Studios (Scotland) (book chapter).
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  • The Body as (yet to be) re-made , Propeller Gallery, Toronto, June. (monograph).

  • The Self that Enacts Learning: A Research for/with the Bay Artists for Women’s Art, (BAAWA). Toronto: OISE/University of Toronto. (PhD thesis)
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  • Revolution in the Mountains: Feminism at The Banff School of Fine Arts. Women's Education des Femmes, 6 (3), summer. (article).
Articles (professional), conference presentations, public lectures: 

  • Pandemic Stories, Research, and Art Making in Art Education, Art Education, University of Manitoba, Guest Speaker. 
  • Covid-19 Anxiety: Location, Refuge and Loss: A Storied Pedagogy, panel presentation with Daniel Payne for The COVID-19 Pandemic, Modernity, and the Everyday, curated by Irene Gammel, Director, Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre  at Toronto Metropolitan University.
  • Designing Disability: Passion and Politics, panel presentation with Lillian Allen & Colin Clark, OCADU for Bringing Art into Inclusive Design, Inclusive Design (MDes cohort) hosted by Josephine Guan, Siheng Wang, Mingyan Wei.  
  • COVID-19 Anxiety: Locating Culture, Refuge and Loss, Art & Visual Culture - Annual Conference of the Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association  (panel presentation).
  • COVID-19: A Creation Research Project for the Canadian Society for Education through Art (CSEA)(panel presentation).
  • Thinking together: (Pre)Post-pandemic research in remote art education learning, We Connect We ReCollect Symposium (OCAD University & Ontario Tech), (panel presentation).
  •  COVID-19 Anxiety, Kana Wain Dida Virtual International Gathering facilitated by Kitatipithitamak Mithwayawin, who work alongside Indigenous and First Nations communities to develop culturally appropriate resources for managing the many challenges caused by the pandemic. May 20-22. (panel presentation) 
  • Pandemic Online Learning: A Pedagogy of Vulnerability - Patterson, P. , Payne, D., & Ma, A. (OCAD U panel presentation). (published on LIBGUIDE OCADU library).
  •  COVID-19 Anxiety: Location, Refuge and Loss, Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design (AICAD) with Daniel Payne & Joanna Black. (panel presentation). 
  • Storying Loss: A Critical Analysis Process for/as Pedagogy with Angie Ma, Leila Talei, Vicky Talwar. Teaching Expo 2020 OCADU (panel presentation).

  • Turning Inward: Student-Led Creative Research on/in Art Education, Making - Place, Indigenize, Identity, Experiment, InSEA (July - University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.). (conference proceeding). 

  • Bodies “Appear”: Communities-in-Commotion, Brock University, Graduate Studies. (pubic lecture).
  • The Gaitskell Address: Devouring Raw Turnips, Canadian Human Rights Museum, CSEA, Winnipeg. (keynote).

  • Siting Performatives Queen’s University Nov 2014. (pubic lecture).
  • Performance Art/Teaching: In-Between Relationships with Joanna Black, CSEA, Halifax Oct 2014. (conference presentation).
  • Food=Need: Constraints, Reflexivity and Community Performance Pedagogy CSEA, Halifax. (conference presentation).
  • Process Performance/Research Creation, Research Creation Graduate Working Group, University of Alberta (Natalie Loveless), Edmonton. (pubic lecture).
  • Food=Need: Constraints, Reflexivity and Community Performance, Envisioning the Practice: Montreal International Symposium on Performing Arts Curation, April (conference proceedings published –
  • Performative Cues for Breast Cancer Resistance w/ Eva Karpinski, Saeeda Noorllahi, M. Syed, CWSE, OISE/UT, March. (pubic lecture).
  • The Transgressive Body as Political Performative, Biblioteca Renovacion, Independence DOM - International Performance Art Festival, Dominican Republic. (pubic lecture). 

  • Intertexual Hybridity: Images for Teaching and Learning, Faculty Development, OCAD University. (public lecture).
  • Artists-Teachers: Partnerships in Art Education, CSEA/CAGE, Montreal & Canadian Society for Education through Art (CSEA). (conference presentation).
  • Staging Transitional Encounters in Art Education, Canadian Society for Education through Art (CSEA), Montreal, May 2013. (conference presentation).
  • Artists-Teachers: Partnerships in Art Education, Canadian Society for Education through Art (CSEA), Montreal, May 2013. (conference presentation).

  • Aesthetic In/Tensions and Connections, the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies (CACS). Event Title: Art in Times of Conflict: Curricular Explorations, Congress Pre-Conference, Wilfred Laurier University, May 2012.(conference presentation).
  •  Art & Design Education Lab: “Archipelago of the Imagination”, OCADU: Faculty of Art Newsletter, 3 (2) Spring & ADEL Journal 2012 (short article).
  • Staging Transitional Encounters in Art Education, Canadian Society for Education through Art (CSEA), Montreal, May 2013. (conference presentation)
  • Artists-Teachers: Partnerships in Art Education, Canadian Society for Education through Art (CSEA), Montreal, May 2013. (conference presentation).

  • Art Education within the “Archipelago of Imagination”, Canadian Society for Education through Art (CSEA), Edmonton, Oct. 2012. (conference presentation).
  • Rethinking a Trans-abled aesthetic paradigm for art and design education CSEA, Fredericton, NB. (conference presentation).
  • Rethinking a Trans-abled aesthetic paradigm for OCAD U? Where do Art, Design and Disability Collude?  OCAD University. (panel presentation).
  • Performing Interpretations, Interpretive Languages with Boyd White and Phil Rostek, OSEA/CSEA conference, AGO/OCADU, Toronto. (panel presentation).
  • The High End of the Experiential: Grounding Performance Pedagogy. Performance Pedagogy Symposium, OCAD University. (public lecture).
  • gender/TROUBLING, Canadian Women’s Studies Association, The Congress, Montreal. (conference presentation).
  • (En)gendering Difference: Creating a Space for Arts Activism, Social and Environmental Justice Symposium, Academic Conservatory, Toronto. (conference presentation).

  • Travelling: Performing a pedagogy in virtual space CSEA, Vancouver. (conference presentation).
  • gender/TROUBLING and Social Justice: Innovative Arts Curricula in Secondary and Post-secondary Education, OSEA, Toronto. (conference presentation).
  • Leaky categories: Creative research in "Walking the Table": Dramatic teaching & gender/TROUBLING, CWSE OISE, UT. (public lecture).
  • Slip, Slide and Play: Disability, Conformity and Normalcy (a response to David Serlin) Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto. (public lecture).

  • Feminist Performance: The Body Grotesque as Transgressive Site/sight, Memorial University, Newfoundland. (public lecture).

  • The Body as in/sight/site in Arts-informed, Vol. 5, April. 15-18. (article).

  • The Motherlode/load: A Performative Practice, ARM, York University, Toronto. (conference presentation).
  • A Performance: The Body Grotesque as Political Site/sight, UAAC, NSCAD, Halifax. (conference presentation)
  • Pause and Play: Is this the “um” in Curriculum? for OISE, University of Toronto for the Centre for Arts-Informed Research. (public lecture).
  • Pause and Play: Is this the “um” in Curriculum? A performance artist acts out in the academy for Collisions 2006, University of Victoria. (keynote). 
  • Dioramas in the "Flesh": Performing (as) Feminist Pedagogy for Women and Health for the Pauline Jewett Institute for Women’s Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa for International Women’s Day. (keynote).
  • Nipples! I have no Nipples: Creative Strategies for Breast Cancer Resistance for Wellesley Central, Toronto: Arts-Based Research for Community-based Research. (public lecture).
  • Embodying Breast Cancer: Learning in Performance, "Performance and Pedagogy”, UAAC Annual Conference, University of Victoria, Nov 10-12.(keynote).
  • Performing Breast Cancer: Creative Practices for Research and Learning, Popular Feminism lecture, Centre for Women’s Studies in Education, University of Toronto. (public lecture).
  • Body in Extremis, “Towards Tomorrow”, Centre for Performance Research, University of Wales, Aberystwyth. (conference presentation).
  • The Body as In/sight/site, for Inter/sections: Parameters of avant-guard collaboration, Trent University (July ‘04) & Queen’s University, Ban Righ Centre (March ‘05). (public lecture).

  • The Body and/in Art: Representation and Interpretation, for the Ontario Society for Education through Art, Sheridan College, Toronto. (conference presentation).
  • Performing Autobiography: Strategizing Resistance for Disability, for an International & Multi-disciplinary Conference, Seeing Things: Explorations in Vision, Knowledge and Power, University of Western Ontario. (conference presentation).

  • The Girls: Loring & Wyle. Lecture/performance examining the media representation of two Canadian historical sculptors in Toronto, mid-1900's, written for the Art Gallery of Ontario.
  • Hands on: EnvironsBreathworks, Waterfront Trail Artists. (essay for monograph).

  • The Self which enacts learning: A Research with/through the Bay Area Artists for Women’s Art (BAAWA). Moving Bodies Conference, State University of New York at Brockport  (conference proceeding).  (
  • Travelling between worlds, with Sylvat Aziz and Carol Laing, Union Gallery, Queen’s University, Kingston, June; WARC Gallery, Toronto, January. (public lecture).
  • Emily speaks. As Canadian artist Emily Carr in context of Canadian art history at nation-wide art museums, conferences, etc. (performance lecture).

  • Tentanda Via. In lecture series: 20 Years of Women at Hart House, Hart House, University of Toronto.(lecture/performance).

  • Connecting with the Community: Mapping the (Un)familiar. Presented with Margaret Rodgers at the Ontario Museum Association Annual Conference, October 18-22, Timmins, Ont. (conference presentation).
  • Speaking through images: A Historiography of memory, story and sensation from the Bay Area Artists for Women's Art. Published in conference proceedings for the Third Penn State Symposium on the History of Art Education, October 12-15, Pennsylvania State University. (conference proceeding).
  • The Garden Stories of Dawn Beattie, Bowmanville: The Visual Arts Centre of Clarington. (catalogue essay).

  • Doreen Jensen and Joane Cardinal-Schubert: Two native women artists tackle issues through their art. Gallerie: Women's Art, 1 (2), fall. (article).
  • Let's not forget our kin in the country (published conference commentary for Feminism and Art Conference, Toronto, 1988). Women's Education/ des Femmes, 6 (3), summer. (article).

Reviews, commentaries, short works:

  • 20 X 20 Visions, in Talking Walking, Museum of Walking, Andrew Stuck (Editor) London, UK. (short work).

  • Artists Teaching Artists (with Marta Chudolinska), OCADU: Faculty of Art Newsletter: Art=Change, 5, 1 January, pp 4-5. (short work).

  • Review: Artist-Scholar by James Daichendt, Canadian Review of Art Education (39), pp.115-118.

  • Moving Research about Addressing Impacts of Violence on Learning into Practice, Resources for Feminist Research, Vol.33, Nos. 3/4(review).
  • Turning the “Screw” in Gajardo, Lorena M. & J. Ryckman (Eds.). Becoming Feminists. Toronto, Ontario: Resources for Feminist Research & Centre for Women’s Studies in Education Online Publications, OISE, University of Toronto. (short work).

  • A Flash of the Real: Situating a Performance for Change, The Body-Nothing Else: Women Artists Changing Bodies (online publication, edited by Ria Vanden Eynde, Belgium). (short work).

  • When I see, hear, feel... locating cancer contradictions. In Petra Kuppers, Community performance: An Introduction London & New York: Routledge, p.120. (short work).

  • Cancer as/in the War Zone. Broadspeak, Issue 1, Sept 2005. (short work).
  • Cancer: A Metaphoric Re/Vision, a review of Bombard/Invade/Radiate by Aiko Suzuki A Space Gallery, Toronto, May 7- June 11 2005. FUSE. (review).
  • Delight, startle and shock the senses. The Intelligencer, July 27, 2005. (review).

  • The Summer of Her Baldness: A Cancer Improvisation. for Resources for Feminist Research 31,1-2. (review).
  • Racism Eh? by Charmaine & Camille Nelson. Resources for Feminist Research 31, 1-2. (review).

  • The confessional by Clive Robertson. Parachute, July/Aug/Sept. #3. (review). 

  • Locating Alexandra. Resources for Feminist Research, 26, 3-4. (review).

  • Dawn White Beattie: Garden Stories. Ontario Craft 22, #4 (Winter).
  • Dancing Barefoot in the Jock Jungle (commentary). ACT: Among Teachers, #20 (Spring). (review).

  • OKWA ... Meet BAAWA. The Organization of Kingston Women Artists, December/January. (commentary).

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