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I have been exhibiting for over three decades  in Canada and internationally from Pier Projects, UK to the George Paton Gallery, Australia

I practice my art, as my life, from the location of woman -- Settler, almost middle-class, older with a disability.  I use the specific experiences of this location to inform, disrupt or challenge not only the accepted or “normalized” image of Western woman, but the traditional formal concerns of art.  In doing so, I hope to embrace a more inclusive process for living and art making.

The forms I choose to use in my work are suited to this process.  My performances, mixed media installations, photos, drawings and videos, while they are at first glance clean, sometimes minimal and formally structured, do, in fact, contain many personal and specific images or texts.  My intention is to discuss how women have been/are being formed and to reveal our attempts to negotiate or resist this formation.  The tension in the work is between the personal/subjective and the formal/objective, which raises questions for me as the nature of feminist research practices, feminist art practices, and women’s evolving roles as workers, negotiators, and survivors in a Western technological society.

I am represented by Maison Depoivre Gallery.

Work on Pam Patterson/Visual and Performance Art website
Other sample images and links are below.

Solo Exhibitions:

2024: Ocular Occurrences 113Research curated by Lauchlin MacQuarrie, writing by Mel Rapp. 

2022: Step on a crack... ODESI Gallery, OCAD University, Toronto.

2020: What may I…Carbon Art & Design, Prince Edward County.

2018: Undiminish’d in process. Gallery 1313,Toronto.

2017: Pleasure decodes for me another language….The Vic, Prince Edward County, Curator: Hri Neil.

2011-12: Land: A Cornerstone (multi-media installation series), Sparkbox, Prince Edward County. 

2008: Travelling, Fleishman Gallery & Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art (online), Toronto. 

Cellu(h)er Resistance: The Body with/out Organs? FADO Idea Series , Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto.  

1999: Sandbanks, Milford Coffee Gallery, Prince Edward County. 

1998: Communitas in Context, Union Gallery, Queen’s University, Kingston. 

1997: Guest Artist, Gallery 121, Belleville, Ont.

1995: Communitas in Context, Broadway Cinema Gallery, Hamilton. 

1994: Mapping the Familial, Visual Arts Centre of Newcastle, Bowmanville. 

1993: Mapping the Familial, Annex Art Centre Gallery, Toronto. 

Solo Collaborative or 2-Person Exhibitions: 

2022: Arti(c)ulations, Cell Gallery, ARTIFACTS, solo collaborative with Leena Raudvee, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

Artists@Work, Window Box GalleryARTIFACTS, solo collaborative with Leena Raudvee, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

2019: Has the Artist Been Paid? ARTIFACTS, solo collaborative with Leena Raudvee, Carbon Art & Design, Prince Edward County.

FACIO, as ARTIFACTS solo collaborative with Leena Raudvee, Process Gallery, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

2018: Tiny Homes: Everyone is Downsizing, solo collaborative exhibit as ARTIFACTS with Leena Raudvee, Window Box Gallery, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

See Jane Run, solo collaborative exhibit of work with Natalie Piper as slit, Carbon, Prince Edward County. 

You Were Asking? (2-person) at Artistic Inkings with Rhonda Nolan, Prince Edward County.

The past whispers, Fleishman Gallery, Toronto, solo collaborative exhibit as ARTIFACTS w/Leena Raudvee.

2017: ARTIFACTS’ ARTEFACTS: the generals, solo collaborative exhibit as ARTIFACTS w/Leena Raudvee, Process Gallery, Gallery 1313.

2015: Feminist Architectures  with Dina Georgis, Adrienne Reynolds and collaborative work with Leena Raudvee as ARTIFACTS, Artscape Youngplace/WIAprojects/FAC.

2013: Headaches II, as ARTIFACTS, Feminist Art Conference, Toronto, ON. Curator: Ilene Sova.

2012: Individual Points of Fiction, as ARTIFACTS with Leena Raudvee, A Space, 401 Richmond Street, Toronto. 

2011: Performing Acts, as ARTIFACTS w/Leena Raudvee, Toronto Free Gallery. 

2009: Headaches 2, as ARTIFACTS, CWSE, OISE/UT. 

2006: In/Valid, as ARTIFACTS with Leena Raudvee for the CWSE, OISE/UT 

2001: Artifacts: Remnants and Recoveries, an ARTIFACTS w/ Leena Raudvee, Belleville Public Gallery. 

1999: Holding (a small boat on a blue-black sea), as ARTIFACTS w/ Leena Raudvee, WARC, Toronto.

1998: Like a Brief Breeze, as ARTIFACTS w/ Leena Raudvee, The Banff Centre, Toronto.

1997: Like a Brief Breeze, as ARTIFACTS w/ Leena Raudvee, Annex Art Centre, Toronto. 

1996: Like a Brief Breeze,  as ARTIFACTS w/ Leena Raudvee, Hamilton Artists Inc.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2024: Salon, Propeller Gallery, Toronto.

In Focus, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

In my body, through my eyes, Ada Slaight, OCAD University

CRIP Lab, THE LAUNCH, Open Gallery, OCAD University.

Don’t Remain Silent, ArQuives Toronto, Archival Digital Exhibition Publication, Curated by Susan Beamish.

2023:YOUphoria, Propeller Art Gallery.

A Portrait Show, Gallery 1313.

Deep Down My Heart Sings, Ada Slaight Gallery, OCAD University.

ANEW, Maison Depoivre Gallery, Prince Edward County.

Drawing 2023, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto.

2022:    10 X 10, Department of Illumination, Carbon Art & Design, PEC.

Off the Wall, Propeller Art Gallery, Toronto.

Art Up, Process Gallery, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

Positive Masculinities III, Maison Depoivre Gallery, PEC.

“and all of a sudden”, Propeller Gallery, Toronto (juried - catalogue).

Port to Port, with Alisa Oleva & international artists, Pier Projects, 113Research, OCADU.

Kombrebi, Kel Portman, Walking the Land, UK.

I AM HERE: Home Movies and Everyday Masterpieces, Art Gallery of Ontario.

25th Anniversary ShowGallery 1313, Toronto.

Landscape II, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

DRAWING 2022, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto (catalogue).

The Portrait Show, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

Still Life (Collaborative work with ARTIFACTS & Miklos Legrady) John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto.

2021: Summer Time, Gallery 1313, Toronto (online/gallery-group)

Navigating and Creating, CSEA Online Exhibition 

Portraits of Resilience, Art Gallery of Ontario.

HeART of HealthCARE, 

Changing Landscapes, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

Unpacking pandemic pondering: Strain, stress, and subversion, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

COLLAGE 2021, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON (online).

The Lockdown Show, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

Fempocalypse 2021, Nightwood Theatre, Toronto.

2020: Brave New World, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

Eco-Art 2020, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

Being Radical, CSEA, with Angie Ma, Vicky Talwar, Leila Talei

Storying Loss: A Critical Analysis Process for/as Pedagogy, 113Research, OCAD University, Toronto with Leila Talei, Angie Ma & Vicky Talwar.

2019: Carbonized, Carbon Art & Design, Prince Edward County. 

Fordnation, Nuit Blanche, The Gladstone & Samara Contemporary Gallery, Toronto.

Positive Masculinities II, Maison Depoivre, PEC, ON.

Land-LIMINALITY-Loss, OCADU Gallery, Toronto. 

Art Textile, Maison Depoivre, Picton, ON.

Roots and Tendrils, MAAWA, Winnipeg, MN.

The Portrait Exhibition, as ARTFACTS, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

2018: Artist Projection Protest Project, Queen’s Park, Toronto.

Positive Masculinity, Maison Depoivre, PEC.

Landscape, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

Sunset – West Point, Carbon: Art & Design, Prince Edward County, ON.

ECO ART, Gallery 1313, Toronto.

The Gathering - Pluralism in Arts Practice - Contemporary Intersections, OCAD U, Toronto.

Kilkenny Arts Festival, Shankill Fringe Exhibit, Kilkenny, Ireland.

OSA Open Juried Exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto. 

2017: Who are You? Red Head Gallery, Nuit Blanche. 

MAAWA: Feminist Futures, MAAWA, Winnipeg.

County Contemporary II, Prince Edward County.

FAC 2017, OCAD University

2016: County Contemporary, Prince Edward County.

2015: f generation: feminism, art, progressions, George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne, Australia.

The War Report, Prince Edward County.

Provocations, FAC 2015, Toronto.

Feminist FOMONOMO, OCAD University, Toronto.

2012: Autopathographies, Oboro Gallery, Montreal, Curator: Tamar Tembeck.

2011: Wildfire: The Milkweed Collective, Le Studio Gallery, Lafontaine, ON. 

Being She: The Culture of Women’s Health and Health Care through the Lens of Wholeness, Gladstone Hotel & Women’s College Hospital. 

2010: The Trans-Cultural: Women in Performance, CWSE Hallway Gallery, Toronto.

2009: Autopathographies, Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, Innsbruck, Austria. Curator: Tamar Tembeck.

Artists of the Gallery, Hangman Gallery, Toronto.

2006: Solstice, Wonderworks Gallery, Toronto.

2004:  Baghdad Museum, BAAWA, Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, Propeller Gallery (Toronto), The Latcham Gallery, Stouffville. 

2002: Performance Art Today Project, International Multimedia Art Festival, Odzaci, Yugoslavia. 

The Road Less Travelled, Arts Project, London, ON.  

2001: Travelling Between Worlds: Locations/Dislocations/Relocations, WARC Gallery, Toronto & Union Gallery, Queen’s University, Kingston. 

1999: On the Land: Shaping the County, Ameliasburg Museum, Prince Edward County.

1997: The Toy Show, A Space Gallery, Toronto.

The Boxing Day Show, A Space Gallery, Toronto.

1996: Text, Burlington Art Centre, Burlington.

 Consanguinity: A Familial Connection, Annex Art Centre, Toronto.

 Celebration of Women in the Arts, University of Toronto.

1995:  The C.H.I.L.D. Project, Gallery Gachet, Vancouver B.C. 

 Moving Memories, Arts in Action, Toronto. 

 Defining the Site, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton.  

 The Lunchbucket Revisited, Hamilton Artists Inc., Hamilton. 

 Domestic Objects and Other Stories, BAAWA, Annex Art Centre, Toronto. 

 Thank You Stew, Arts in Action, Toronto. 

 BAAWA International Women's Day Exhibition, The Broadway Cinema Gallery, Hamilton. 

1994: Proximities: The You Are Here Factor, BAAWA, Hamilton Artist's Inc. 

1993: Invoking the Grove, BAAWA, Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton. 

1992: Birthtales, A Space Gallery, Toronto. 

 The Quality of Daily Life: A Woman's Business, Barrie City Hall, Barrie. 

1991:  The Flower Show, BAAWA, Hamilton Artists' Inc., Hamilton. 

Don't Remain Silent, A Space Gallery, Toronto. Curator: Susan Beamish.

1990:  Labour of Love: Feminist Perspectives on Motherhood, Women's Common, Toronto. 

 Housing, A Right, The Power Plant, Toronto. 

 Don't Remain Silent, Woman's Common, Toronto. 

1989: The Eccentric Furniture Show, BAAWA, Glenhyrst Gallery of Brant, Brantford. 


The Lads (series), is in the permanent collection of the Prince Edward Arts Council, ON.

Pam Patterson

Performance and Visual Art Website

Jane from the BAAWA series (collage)

Two works from the 2023-2024 Ocular Occurrences series. 

Land Liminality Loss here

Covid-19 Anxiety Project here

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